Bad Fanfic Theatre

Greetings, one and all, and welcome to Bad Fanfic Theatre – your tour guide through the rich, borderline traumatising, world of fan fiction!

Some Guy In A Waistcoat is dedicated to crafting the finest audio reproductions of some of selected fanfics from around the internet. We’ve scoured the most obscure websites to bring you the insane, the bizarre, and the brain-twisting abominations of Lovecraftian proportions…

Why? We’re not entirely sure. Some say that Some Guy In A Waistcoat has done things. Terrible things. And that this is his punishment.

Others say he is a special operative from a vague, yet menacing, government organisation; trained to handle fanfiction that is too intimidating for mere mortals to handle and called in after an explosion that murdered most of the original cast and permanently deformed canon across multiple series.

Whatever the reason, Some Guy In a Waistcoat will be bringing you erratically scheduled dramatic readings and productions of fan fiction archived at his secret lair. You can find links to each volume by clicking the pictures below, or on their very own pages from the main drop-down menu.

BFT Vol 1-1

BTF Vol 2-1

All album art is created with the Pulp-O-Mizer over at Thrilling Tales, with the provision that it is not to be used for profit or without the tag at the bottom of each image.

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